Laura Silver, Certified Death Doula

Embracing Life’s Final Chapter with Compassion and Dignity

Journey through end-of-life with a dedicated Calgary Death Doula by your side. I’m here to offer you and your loved ones compassionate, non-medical support, guidance, and a peaceful transition.

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Confronting the Unspoken

Navigating the Uncertainties of Death

We rarely talk about death in our society. Death is often mentioned subtly and in hushed tones, and yet it is life’s one absolute guarantee. We will all die. Most of us have so many unanswered questions about how it will be, what we can expect, and how we can manage physical and emotional pain.

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Guiding the Final Journey

Compassion in Life’s Last Chapter

As a Certified Death Doula, I bring compassionate, unbiased expertise to a dying person’s final days and seek to make that journey as comfortable and peaceful as possible. I am respectful of all faiths, beliefs and traditions. From planning and vigil support to legacy creation and bereavement care, my purpose is to provide logistical and emotional support, peace of mind, and comfort. I also support families seeking gentle support and guidance following a sudden death.

Comprehensive End-of-Life Care

I offer a range of personalized services to provide support, comfort, and guidance through the end-of-life journey.


Through a series of conversations, I support my clients in envisioning a “good death” – whatever that means for them. Once a vision is established, I encourage clients and their families to create an environment where all the senses are engaged.


While some people wish to be alone in their final moments, most fear solitude and want to have their loved ones close. Vigil is the act of being with someone while they are dying. I offer support for life-limiting illnesses and for Medical Assistance in Death (MAiD).


At end-of-life, we all want to know that we mattered – that we have contributed something to the world. I work with individuals to identify and appreciate the value of their own lives and to create a legacy for how they want to be remembered.

Grief, Mourning and Bereavement

There are so many kinds of grief, and you may experience several of them as you or a loved one transitions out of this life and for a long time afterward. Whether it is an expected or sudden death, making space for grief is essential. I can help.

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Laura Silver with her mother and son
Laura with her grandmother and son.

Meet Laura Silver

I’m Laura, a certified Death Doula based in Calgary, Alberta. With a background in healthcare and a personal calling to this sacred work, I believe in empowering individuals and families to experience a peaceful end-of-life journey that respects personal wishes and cultural traditions.

What My Clients Say

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Find solace and guidance in your end-of-life journey. Allow me to provide support as you and your loved ones face this sacred transition.