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Providing a Dignified and Compassionate End-of-Life Journey

As a dedicated Death Doula, I offer a range of non-medical, personalized services to support you and your loved ones through the end-of-life journey. Each service is designed to bring peace, comfort, and dignity during this sacred time.

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End-of-Life Planning

Support and guidance for creating a serene and comfortable environment for end-of-life. Advice on essential preparations for before and after-death care.

Ensures that your end-of-life journey aligns with your personal desires and values and reduces the number of decisions that your loved ones have to make while experiencing grief and bereavement.

Vigil and After-Death Support

Compassionate presence during the final moments, offering emotional support and practical assistance for clients and their families. Guidance in post-death rituals, including body care.

Provides a comforting presence during the most overwhelming moments, ensuring that you (or your loved one) are not alone and that final moments are marked with respect and love. An expected or natural death is NOT an emergency; it is time to put the kettle on.

Specialized MAiD Assistance

Non-medical support for Medical Assistance in Dying, including paperwork assistance, emotional support, and presence when accessing MaiD, if desired. Support for loved ones before and after the provision of MAiD.

Ensures a respectful and supported experience for those choosing MAiD, aligning with their wishes and providing comfort to their families.

Making Meaning and Legacy Creation

Assistance in creating legacy work such as memory books, video messages, or special projects that reflect the individual’s life and values. Exploration of a life lived and how it can be honoured.

Creates a lasting and personal tribute that endures for years to come.

Grief and Bereavement Support

Emotional and pragmatic guidance through the grieving process. Referrals to specialized services for complex grief when necessary.

Provides a supportive space for processing grief, helping you and your family find strength and healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The sooner we meet our clients, the better! As a death doula, I can work with you at any point in your life. The best time to call me is when you have questions or concerns. As Death Doulas are advocates for their clients, meeting with us when someone still has the ability to make their own decisions and to communicate is ideal.

Not at all. Think of a Death Doula as an extra family member for the times that you need one. You may need me for an hour or two initially and then not for months or for an intense but short period of time. I value my clients’ time and financial resources and do not like wasting them. After a 30-minute free consultation, I will provide you with a proposal, and you will be able to decide what services are right for you and when you might want them. And if I was able to help you in that 30 minutes and no more is needed, I will be happy to have assisted you.

I love doing respite. However, I only have the capacity for two families at a time. To speak with me about being added to the waitlist for respite, please book a 30-minute free consultation.

No, not at all. I provide inclusive, non-judgemental services for all faiths and religions. I am what you are when I am with you. I am a deeply spiritual person and I respect you, your beliefs and the important traditions you want to include in your end-of-life journey.

I work with everyone. If you or a loved one is facing end-of-life, my heart is with you. I serve the elderly, people living with dementia, young people, people from every background and religion, perinatal and premature souls, the LGBTQ2+ community, and our beloved furry family members. I also work with clients who have experienced a sudden loss, guiding them through the first days, weeks and months both in pragmatic and emotional terms.

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Discover the full range of services customized to your unique needs.